In The Masonic Province Of Antrim
James Chambers Masonic Lodge 318
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16th March 2018

Some Keys Members of James Chambers 318

W.Bro R. Irwin

Worshipful Brother Robert (Bob) Irwin joined freemasonry in 1959 and became Worshipful Master of the lodge on the 1st Jan 1969. He along with other members of the lodge were responsible for founding the Social Committee that still runs to this date and continues to organise events. Worshipful Brother Irwin received his 50 year jewel in 2009 along with Brother John Bolas. At the young age of 89 Worshipful Brother Irwin remains dedicated to his lodge and would often boast that he has been indirectly involved in the current membership as he had brought several candidates in who in turn did the same.


Bro J. Bolas

Brother John Bolas joined freemasonry in 1959. As a result of moving away from Belfast Brother Bolas was unable to attend as he would have like to, however Brother Bolas has in recent years been involved with the lodge again and in 2009 he received his 50 year jewel alongside Worshipful Brother Irwin.