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16th March 2018

Interesting Dates in Irish Freemasonry

First known Lodge of Speculative Masons was in Dundee.
A Catechism, known as the Trinity Ms, with the papers of Sir Thomas Molyneux in T.C.D. bears the endorsement: "Free Masonry February, 1711". This is the earliest known Manuscript to recognise three classes of Mason, each with its own secrets.
June 26th. St. John's Day: More than '100 gentlemen' met in 'the Yellow Lion in Warbrough Street' and later went to King's Arms, The procession included 'the Masters and Wardens of the Six Lodges of Gentlemen Freemasons, who are under the jurisdication of the Grand Master and the Private Brothers all in coaches'. A new Grand Master, Rt Hon. the Earl of Ross was elected. After a meal they went to a play. This is the first mention of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.
Grand Master's Lodge constituted. This was previously a Committee of the Grand Officers of Grand Lodge. Members were given all the rights and privileges of Grand Officers.
V.S.L. proclaimed a Gt. L.
Seton appointed Dep. G.Sec. Troublemaker. Rival G.L. set up in 1806. Reconciled in 1808 and at G.M's. request G.M.L. took over the running of Grand Lodge until new arrangements had been made. Ulster seceeded forming, separate G.L. Lasted until 1814.
Lodge of Instruction formed.
Public processions prohibited by G.L.
Provincial Grand Lodges formed.
Dedication of New Hall in Molesworth Street.
Visit of Queen Victoria to Masonic Girls School.
During the Troubles the Hall in Molesworth Street occupied from 24th April until 1st June.
Crumlin Road Masonic Hall dedicated on 6th February 1940.