In The Masonic Province Of Antrim
James Chambers Masonic Lodge 318
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16th March 2018

Guest Book

Name: Ian Simms
Lodge Name/No: Lodge of Antiquity and Integrity No. 80 Rathfriland.
Lodge Website:

Congratulations on the website.

Name: Ivor McAllister
Lodge Name/No: Sir George Clark Memorial 669
Lodge Website:

Excellent site, well done to all involved

Name: Alan Gregg
Lodge Name/No: Leslie J Thompson Lodge 61 - (Down)

Congratulations and good luck with your new website. It is very informative and easy to navigate. Why not include other Lodge 318s around the world websites in your link page.

You deserve a lot of credit for a job well done
W. Bro. Alan Gregg

Name: Peter Leach
Lodge Name/No: Tower of Lebanon 169
Lodge Website:

Great site. Welcome to the club.

Name: Marck McCormick
Lodge Name/No: James Chambers 318

Fantastic job Brothers,a very good job indeed.

Name: David Booth
Lodge Name/No: Anchor 128 / Friendship

A well constructed website congratulations and well done.
David Booth PGSD. Antrim

Name:Ian T. Taylor
Lodge Name/No: James Chambers 318

Fantastic job Brethren. Very smart and extremely professional. Thats no surprise given the fact that the Brethren involved are very particular and professional in all the Work that they undertake. Thank you for this.

Name:Sandy Mutch
Lodge Name/No: James Chambers 318 & PGL

Fantastic site, well layed out, Well done Brother Tim Whiteside!!!!!

Name:Darren Marks
Lodge Name/No: James Chambers 318

Best Lodge website around, a big thanks has to go out to all the hard work that went into getting this web page looking and running so well.