In The Masonic Province Of Antrim
James Chambers Masonic Lodge 318
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Fellowcraft Degree
16th March 2018

2018 Festive Board Calendar

19th January 2018
Installation Dinner
16th February 2018
W.Bro. P. Mutch
Bro. K. Bane
Bro. P. Browne
16th March 2018
W.Bro. A. McDade
W.Bro. S. Mutch
Bro. A. Orr
20th April 2018
W.Bro. L. Marks
W.Bro. D. Marks
Bro. R. Marks
18th May 2018
W.Bro. G. Jefferson
Bro. S. Jefferson
Bro. P. Scullion
15th June 2018
W.Bro. H. Corbett
W.Bro. N. Corbett
W.Bro. R. Corbett
W.Bro. C. Corbett
21st September 2018
W.Bro. M. McCormick
W.Bro. P. Catton
Bro. G. McGran
19th October 2018
Bro. L. Whiteside
W.Bro. T. Whiteside
Bro. N. Scott
16th November 2018
W.Bro. P. Mutch
Bro. K. Bane
Bro. P. Browne
21st December 2018
Social Committee

Brethren, if you are unable to make the food for the month against your name can you please contact either W.Bro L. Marks, W.Bro. S.Mutch, W.Bro. P.Catton, W.Bro. T. Whiteside