In The Masonic Province Of Antrim
James Chambers Masonic Lodge 318
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17th March 2017

Past Provincial Officers

W.Bro T. Mullan

Worshipful Brother Tommy Mullan joined freemasonry in February 1959, his mother lodge is Edenderry 544, Crumlin Road, Belfast. Worship Brother Mullan started doing degree work with James Chambers lodge in 1991, and continued doing degrees within the lodge until January 2012, however he has been actively involved in degree work from an early stage in his Masonic career. Unfortunately he had to stop doing degrees due to his health. Worshipful Brother Mullan is a valued Honorary member of 318 and highly respected for his knowledge and continued assistance in degree work, his kind manner and approach to helping always being to the front. In 1991 Worshipful Brother Mullan was invested as Provincial Grand Lodge Steward of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim. Worshipful Brother Mullan is a member of no less than 14 lodges and at the height of his Masonic life was involved in doing degree work from the Entered Apprentice to the Worshipful Master degree in all of them. He was a member of Crumlin Road Trustees and Chairman of the members, Worshipful Brother Mullan remains an active member of freemasonry at the young age of 85.


W.Bro A. Mutch

Worshipful Brother Sandy Mutch joined freemasonry in 1992. He was Worshipful Master in the years 2000 and 2001. Worshipful Brother Mutch was appointed as Director of Ceremonies in January 2007 and remains in this position to date. He is the current representative to the Inspection Committee, Board of General Purposes and Almoner for the lodge. On joining the lodge Worshipful Brother Mutch quickly became involved and was soon appointed as a member of the Social Committee and remained in this position until 2012. Worshipful Brother Mutch also assisted Worshipful Brother Mullan in carrying out degree work since 1998, and since 2011 has progressed further in the degree work. In February 2012 Worshipful Brother Mutch was invested as Provincial Grand Lodge Steward of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim. This was by appointment of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Brother John Dickson. Worshipful Brother Mutch continues to play an active part in his lodge in relation to any degrees that are done, and is an active member of freemasonry.


W.Bro S. Nicholson

Worshipful Brother Sam Nicholson joined freemasonry in 1981, his mother lodge was Kileen Temperance no 705, however due to reducing numbers he affiliated to James Chambers in 2010, having attended several lodges to see what lodge was best for him and long time friend, Worshipful Brother Jim Martin. Worshipful Brother Nicholson was Chairman of Crumlin Road & Ligoniel Charity Committee between 2008-2010, and Chairman of the Charity Fund in 2008. In 2008 Worshipful Brother Nicholson was invested as Provincial Grand Lodge Standard Bearer of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim. Worshipful Brother Nicholson remains an active member of freemasonry.